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LDS Tools App Free!

LDS Tools App

  • Free!
  • Official Church App
  • Use All the Time
  • Limited Membership Data

LDS Tools App for iPhone/iPad

The Church developed the LDS Tools LDS Mobile App, which is a FREE app that accesses the Stake’s information from, pulling it down into the app for you (and keeps it up-to-date). Similar to the MyLDS Stake app, it has a directory, callings, events/calendar and custom lists.

A MUST HAVE for every member of the Church!

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SCORE: 9 out of 10

This app was reduced to 9 out of 10 from 10 out of 10 for 1 function. It now forces you to type in your password EVERY TIME you start the app. I know we need to be secure with data, but don’t make it so painful, please!
And now that the Church has “killed off” all other apps that have to do with membership data, we hope the Church will introduce the concept in this app of membership info that it currently doesn’t have. Ward Tools was the app that had that data. Now it’s dead. This app does NOT give anything other than basic information. Not enough for leaders to get much out of except phone numbers, emails, addresses and callings. We need more – ESPECIALLY if they’re going to make us type in a password EVERY time we open the app. If it’s going to have to be THAT secure, then let us have some sensitive data in it. Otherwise why does it need to be that secure.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE the functionality of this app. It is so very useful to all members, but especially to ward and stake leaders. Will it be possible in the near future, for us to create calendar events from our smart phones?

    Or is this already possible, and I just haven’t figured it out?

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