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Android Apps For LDS Mobile Users!

The new Android Mobile is the latest addition of mobile devices for LDS users. It does some very cool things, and in our view is 2nd only to iPhone in it’s capabilities. If you are a “Droid-ian” see below on what tools are available for your device.

 LDS Tools App for Android

The Church has released LDS Tools (you can find it on the Android market), which is a FREE app that accesses the Stake’s information from, pulling it down into the app for you (and keeps it up-to-date). Similar to the MyLDS Stake app, it has a directory, callings, events/calendar and custom lists.

SCORE: 8 out of 10



LDS Scriptures is an Android App that has a host of study resources. Scriptures, books, conferences, leadership training, streaming audio,  the list goes on and on. You can even manage all of your resources on your account on the web, AND upload or create your own content for your device. Put your Patriarchal Blessing on your Droid, or your Priesthood Line of Authority. Whatever you can think of, you can put it on there. The two most unique things about this app is that it also has a Mac OS desktop application you can study from, mark in, do whatever in and it keeps the Mac and the iPhone app in sync with any changes that happen (or that happen on your web account). It also introduced the concept of “TAGS” into the app, which if you don’t know what you can do with those, you’ve GOT to see it. And not that it helps, but these guys have the coolest icon as well!

SCORE: 9 out of 10! (would be 10 but some of the features are new and not 100% yet)

 Mormon Channel (App)

Mormon Channel is a MUST HAVE for multiple reasons. First – it’s FREE! Second – it is done by the LDS Church and is VERY slick. The Mormon Channel is an Internet radio broadcast which streams Church content throughout the day. Included in the Android app will be the ability to listen to General Conference addresses, Church magazines (Ensign, Friend, New Era), and the Scriptures. Very simple, straight forward app, and done very well as you would expect from the Church.

LDS Gospel Library LDS Gospel Library

Study the scriptures and general conference addresses anytime on your Android! Gospel Library is a free app from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



LDS Scriptures LDS Scriptures

Another app for reading the scriptures, marking them, bookmarking them, and on and on. Similar features to the LDS Scriptures app above.



LDS Maps is a web app by the Church that can be used from any browser on most mobile devices for locating LDS places of worship anywhere in the world. The Web application leverages spatial data management technologies from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and rich base map support from Google and Microsoft. Unlike the previous Meetinghouse Locator, the new provides a more visual, dynamic user experience. You can switch from road to satellite or aerial views, zoom in or out, and drag the map around.

Church Directory of Org’s & Leaders

The CDOL is an online directory of pretty much any department or office in the Church. You can get to Missions, Stakes, Offices in SLC, etc. etc. etc. You must have leadership access to login to this, and if you do, it’s the same login as your id typically. It even has email addresses (if listed) of pretty much any Church leaders in the world.


  1. I think the church is great but i dont all ways have time to read the book of mormon beaing a single parent so i tryed to download a auto version so i can lisen on the way to work an the price is too much an i hate to seem rude but is there a free book out there i realy would like to get one so i can keep in tuch wit the lord an the gospo

    • lds gospel library is free and you can choose to read or listen to the scriptures.

    • Michael, I’m pretty sure the church’s app, LDS Gospel Library, has an option for audio downloads, and that would be totally free. There has also been a free Book of Mormon app released by the church, which has audio available. Hope that helps!
      (Wow, I just noticed that it’s been exactly one year since you posted this; I hope you found an audio version of the scriptures before now. If not, glad I could help!

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