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Ensign Magazine App Free!

Ensign Magazine App

  • Free!
  • Official Church App
  • Useful Interface

Ensign Magazine for iOS and Android

The Church’s LDS Mobile App lets you have your Ensign magazine on your mobile devices for reference any time.

It loads into the iOS Magazine Subscriptions app so you can get all your issues from within that. One drawback is that the LDS Church’s app takes up to 500MB per issue. That’s huge. You probably don’t want to download all the issues.

There is another version of the Ensign App made by “Bluepaper” that seems to crunch them much smaller where you could keep them all on your device. See links below…

Try both Ensign Apps and see which you like best!

LDS Church Ensign App for iOS

LDS Church Ensign App for Android

Bluepaper, LLC Ensign App for iOS


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