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Game Changer App for Church Basketball

Game Changer App for Church Basketball

  • Free!
  • Track Stats About ALL Players
  • Accessible to Anyone

LDS Church Basketball Mobile App

Game Changer Church Basketball LDS Mobile App

The new wave of fun for LDS Church Basketball is here! Check out “Game Changer” app for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Game Changer lets you create all your teams, enter stats as they happen during the game, and it streams all game activity by player on the Internet and to the Game Changer App to anyone following the team.

The entire Ward or Stake can keep up with the games on the Web or in the App wherever they are. The stats just scroll up the screen as the game plays out.

“Johnson shoots and makes a 3 point shot!”

“Wilson misses a 2 point shot”

“Jump ball goes to the tigers”

And on and on. The youth of your Wards and Stakes will go crazy keeping up with their stats, because they can see them all and see how they REALLY did during the game, and throughout the season!

So coaches, go download the free app, create your teams and start tracking the stats in your games. It’s a BLAST!

Game Changer is not an LDS Mobile App specifically, but it’s one of the ones that fit perfectly in LDS Church Basketball and other sports.

Check out the App here.

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