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iPad – The New World

iPad – The New World

The world has now changed. I can imagine a time where the “paper” scriptures may not be used very often. Why? How? Well, you can do so much more, and faster with a device like the iPad.

First, there is so much that is now available electronically. All manuals, scriptures, gospel art, talks, whatever, can all be on one device and you can search across all of them instantly.

Second, finding all related topics, talks, references and other sources on a topic is lightening fast. Study is MUCH more effective. Planning lessons is improved. So much is changed by using technology.

I see a world where Apostles and Seventies come to visit with a device like an iPad and teach all their meetings off of it. As a matter of fact the last 2 General Authorities or Area Authorities that came through our way were sporting iPads. People giving talks would use it, rather than printing their talks out. Listeners in class would use it to quickly find related references to what the subject is about. The possibilities are endless!

We’ll watch this one closely, and keep you abreast of what new things are made possible with the new iPad.

Here are some things that you can already to:

iPad Hymns

Imagine not needing the Hymn book anymore. If you play the organ sticking an iPad on the stand to play from is as easy as looking at a book (but a little smaller). Turning pages, though, is MUCH easier.
You can have the Hymn book or the Primary Song Book currently. GREAT new tool.

iPad Study Tools

I LOVE marking my scriptures. But it’s time consuming to say the least. Especially trying to mark related verses and build some relationships between scriptures. Electronic marking is WAY easier and faster. And instead of having to know where your marking is, or put colored tabs on the outside pages of your scriptures, you can use things like “Tags” and “Bookmarks” to take you right where you want to go whenever you need to.

Many things about this device make it faster and easier to be a scriptorian.

Maybe this is why these 2 prophecies were made:

“The Lord is…inspiring the minds of great people to create inventions that further the work of the Lord in ways this world has never known”
Russell M. Nelson

“The revelations will be opened to [the coming generation] as to no other in the history of the world…They will develop a gospel scholarship beyond that which their forebears could achieve.”
Boyd K. Packer

Gospel Art

Initial release of gospel art on iPad is pretty cool. I’m sure it will continue to snowball and everything from the art side of the gospel will be made available as well.

This is the formal Gospel Art Kit provided by the Church.

Stay iTUNED!    : )