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Is the Church Monopolizing Apps?

Is the Church Monopolizing Apps?


The apps that seem to be added to the list of those “killed off” by the Church (mainly by the Church asking, or demanding, the discontinuation of them) is growing.

Many are asking if the Church is trying to monopolize the LDS App community. Never fear, there is a method to the madness. So far, all of the apps that have been killed off utilize member information, either from MLS directly or from integrating with the Church’s online MLS information.

The Church has been very focused on being in compliance, and even ahead of security concerns about member’s personal information. Thus, the ending of apps that contain this information. So it’s not a surprise that these apps have to go away, because the Church cannot control these companies to ensure personal data is not compromised.

That being said, if other apps that do NOT contain this potential risk begin to be executed by the Church, then we’ll start raising the Monopoly question. 🙂

Apps Killed off So Far

  1. My LDS Stake App (Contained personal member information from MLS online)
  2. iStake and iWard Apps (Contained personal member information from MLS online)
  3. Ward Tools (Imported MLS data from Ward/Stake computers and contained personal information)
  4. My Ward (MLS data conversion utility)



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    l personally love and appreciate the lds mobile app.we would kindly ask you to help with downloading this app.l can’t download my standard works..l need them,lam using nokia symbian version help… please!!

  2. It’s ok for the church to protect our personal info, but as they force these other companies to stop, it would be nice if the church replacement was equal to or better than what they replace. So far I have not found that to be the case, in every instance the church’s app has been inferior. iStake was far better than LDS Tools, it’s so annoying to be sitting in church and want to look someone up but have to re-download the info because you haven’t used it for 30 days, of course now you not on wifi so you can’t use it. Another example is the church’s Gospel Library is great but not as good as the LDS Scripture App (gold plates). GL is more difficult to navigate, highlight, and doesn’t allow in line notes or tags. I do think that GL is a very good app and what it does do is update all the magazines and conference talks immediately. Just my 2 cents.

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