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LDS Mobile Apps & Windows 8?

LDS Mobile Apps & Windows 8?


LDS Mobile Apps and Windows 8 “Surface”

LDS Apps for Surface TabletThe question of the day is “what is the Church doing about their apps for Windows 8 Surface devices now that they are out?”

The answer is…be patient. It’s the newest OS out there for mobile devices, and the Church will catch up to it (and Church developers with their own apps). It may take a bit, but they will get there.

You might have noticed that the LDS Church has hit “ludicrous speed” on technological advancement since the old days where it used to be 15 years behind. The Church has hired the big guns to shorten the timeframe to success in almost every area of technology (except maybe “internal” apps like MLS).

We’ll keep you posted on this site of apps as they come available for Windows 8 “Surface”.



  1. Not that Surface knowledgeable but bought one based on the wave of the future. This is the tablet future! Need support for LDA tools.


  2. I just bought a Surface RT and will also test the Surface PRO. I’m looking forward to the LDS apps being available. I like the Surface because I need full integration with Microsoft Office, which is inadequate on iPad.

  3. I hope LDS apps will be available for Windows 8 Pro as well as RT tablets. I want to get a Windows 8 tablet but am holding off until LDS apps are available.

  4. Is there a way now to use the LDS tools/apps on a Surface Pro?

  5. Waiting for win 8 surface pro version of LDS tools. Any updates on the timeline

  6. Been waiting… what is taking so long? 🙂

  7. I teach the youth using the Come Follow Me manual. I have a Surface RT, so frustrating that there is no advancement yet. Would like to use my tablet for teaching, but the internet connection is a bit slow and the website is not as convenient as the gospel library is. Many bugs with manuals and magazines. Is there any reason why the gospel library full function is taking so long. Licensing or Microsoft agreements???? Will continue to wait, but hope its before the great and dreadful day. 🙂

  8. Lds gospel libraire en français pour surface pro Windows 8.1

  9. any news on surface rt updates yet?

    • Desde hace un mes hay el beta de biblioteca del evangelio incluye todos los idiomas, debes entrar en la tienda y buscar les gospel librar y te saldrá como otras aplicaciones, debes tener Windows 8.1

      • Después de instalar la aplicación, hay una opción de idioma, ya sea en la sección “Manage Library” o un icono de idioma, aqui puedes cambiar el idioma.

  10. Any word on windows 8 apps for LDS Citation? LDS Tools?

  11. It’s now Oct 25, 2014 and was looking for an update on the LDS Tools App being ported to the Microsoft Surface Pro running Win 8 and/or Win 8.1


  12. please please hurry and develop something? it is sad when I can use my old android phone, and mark contents of Handbook 2 yet I can pull out my laptop and not do the same, even with good internet connection. Android LDS tools is more full featured than a full web access.

  13. Must have lds tools on my surface!!

  14. How much Patience is expected? It is frustrating that there is almost nothing for Windows 8/8.1 and Wiindows phone. Shouldn’t be that difficult.

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