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LDS Leaders – You Have Great New Resources

LDS Leaders – You Have Great New Resources

Tools For LDS Leaders

For leaders who find themselves in constant need of information about their ward members or stake members, the answer is here.

New applications are out that give leaders access to all the information they have at home, in the palm of their hand.

My LDS Stake

My LDS Stake is a new app for iPhone that gives you access to the same data that you get on All of the Stake and Ward information is in sync with the LDS website. This includes the Stake or Ward member and leader directories, member family and other information, and the Stake or Ward calendar.

Ward Tools

Ward Tools is an app for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm devices which imports the exported MLS files from the Ward or Stake computer. Because of this, it has more information about members than My LDS Stake app. This includes Temple Recommend status and other things.

LDS Maps is a web app by the Church that can be used from any browser on most mobile devices for locating LDS places of worship anywhere in the world. The Web application leverages spatial data management technologies from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and rich base map support from Google and Microsoft. Unlike the previous Meetinghouse Locator, the new provides a more visual, dynamic user experience. You can switch from road to satellite or aerial views, zoom in or out, and drag the map around.

Church Directory of Org’s & Leaders

The CDOL is an online directory of pretty much any department or office in the Church. You can get to Missions, Stakes, Offices in SLC, etc. etc. etc. You must have leadership access to login to this, and if you do, it’s the same login as your id typically. It even has email addresses (if listed) of pretty much any Church leaders in the world.

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