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LDS Plan for Home & Visiting Teaching Free!

LDS Plan for Home & Visiting Teaching

  • Free!
  • Schedule Your Appts
  • Reminders
  • Sync With Outlook or Google

LDS Plan

LDS Plan is an app that helps solve the age-old problem of getting people to consistently do their Home and Visiting Teaching. It boasts that it does everything for you except drive your car to the appointment and teach the lesson (maybe that’s in the next update?!). You enter your family’s information (emails, etc.) and it helps you communicate with them and schedule your visits.

Great helper app to help you be a better and more consistent Home or Visiting Teacher. Let us know how this helps your Home or Visiting Teaching get better!. It reminds you. It communicates to you and your companion and your families. It reports the visits for you to your supervisor. It even sync’s your appointments with Google or Outlook.

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SCORE 10 our of 10 (for the most original app idea)


  1. Will you ever have this app for table some day? I and my wife would like to have it on our table.

    • Do you mean on your “tablet”? What kind are you using?

  2. Why is February the last (and only) lesson idea presented? Looks like a good app, but I can’t get started until my sisters on my list give me their email addresses. It has been 24 hours since request was sent to their mobile phones.

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