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LDS Quotes App $1.99

LDS Quotes App

  • Custom Collections
  • Favorite Quotes
  • Add Your Quotes Own (Upgrade)
  • Includes Non-Authorities

LDS Mobile App – LDS Quotes by Deseret Book

This is a useful app that gives a bunch of topics and gives you reference quotes for each topic. By no means is it an exhaustive list of quotes you might think, but very useful nonetheless.

One request from we would have of Deseret Book for this app is to give the title of the person you’re quoting when they said the quote, especially when they are not Church authorities (i.e. John Bytheway). Even if it’s just “Author” of a book you’re quoting.

Since it’s Deseret Book that’s publishing the app, our guess is that they’re spotlighting books they want you to be aware of.

You can create your own “Collections” in the app, of related quotes. You can also create your “Favorites” so you have them handy.

There is a $.99 Upgrade within the app that allows you to turn on the ability to “Add Your Own Quotes” for those favorites that are not within the app yet.

Wish list for this App:

  • It would be nice in this app to just have Church Authorities and look for “Authors” or “Popular Youth Speakers” elsewhere in the app if you want to go there

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  1. I do the program flier for Sacrament Meeting and I use this every week. I love this app, it has endlessly diverse topics and thoughts from church leaders, educators, and LDS Authors. It’s awesome.

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