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Keeping Track of NOTES

Keeping Track of NOTES


Evernote for LDS MembersEVERNOTE

So many things to keep track of as you come across them. You have a notepad or book in your Church bag. You write things down, but never really find them again.

What about those great things you hear when Church authorities come to visit, and you want to remember what they said? Mormons have a reason to keep good notes more than any other group. Keeping a record of knowledge has been taught by Mormons since the ancient prophets kept notes and learnings on gold plates in the Book of Mormon.

Well, let us tell you about Evernote. There are many “note-taker” apps or “note organizers” out there. Our favorite is Evernote by far.

It give you the key things that make all the difference:

1) A way to capture notes quickly from anywhere you are, from any device you have.

2) A GREAT way to organize your notes into whatever structure hierarchy you want (Church, Work, Home, whatever).

3) The ability to store pretty much whatever you want in your notes. Attach documents, web pages, whatever.

Evernote is the most complete Note organizing application we’ve found out there. AND it’s FREE.

Give it a shot and see if it organizes your world.


  1. I’ve been using this for a long time. It is WONDERFUL! It has such great search features that you can actually find what you want no matter how much you have. I appreciate its ability to sync across all of my devices. And there are so many easy ways to get information into the program. Free doesn’t hurt either.

  2. I really like Evernote and have also been using it forever. I use it to keep track of all my church meeting notes, commitments, etc. Our executive secretary sends out the agenda for each meeting as a PDF before the meeting, and I just forward it to Evernote so I can add my comments in the body of the note. For the most part, I am paperless at church and it’s great. It sure beats carrying around the old 3-ring binder I used to tote.

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