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UPDATED: Pay LDS Tithing Online

UPDATED: Pay LDS Tithing Online


Pay Your Tithing OnlinePay LDS Tithing Online

Can LDS members pay tithing and offerings online or electronically? The answer is YES, WITH some qualifications. This post will answer your questions about this much-debated topic.

– – – – – – – – BREAKING NEWS UPDATE- – – – – – – – 

We received the following statement from Church Headquarters regarding paying tithes and offering online:

“This program is an upon request program and we do not open it up to everyone in the church. We prefer that members contact the donations department directly to get the correct bill payment information. This helps the program run more efficiently by ensuring that the bill pays are set up correctly.

We need to set them up in our system and then send them the most up to date instructions for their bank. The bank or credit union the member is using will determine the instructions. Some banks will require different instructions so the instructions become unique to each donor.

Some banks seem simple enough but may be our biggest problem banks because members set it up without contacting our office first. If they do not do it exactly right or do not put in their membership number we will receive a physical check that needs to be manually entered. We receive hundreds of new bill pay checks from banks every week. Our department is small which makes this difficult to handle.

You may give members our phone number 801-240-2554 or our email to get set up for bill pay and receive the correct instructions.

Thank you,
LDS Donations

– – – – – – – – – End of Breaking News – – – – – – – – –

Previous story continued  – – – – — – – – – – – – 

This post is to try to clarify ALL the commentary about the ability to pay the Church Tithing and Offerings online or any other electronic manner. If you have desires to pay tithing and offerings in any other way than handing an envelope to the Bishopric, then read on.

First – there is a formal statement by the finance department at the Church that tries to clarify some. Here is the statement:

The preferred method for making donations continues to be through the local ward unit. Those who have questions about electronic bill pay donations may call the LDS Donations Department at 801-240-2554 or email Thank you.

That being said, the finance department has also said it “in NO WAY discourages members from paying online“.

With this in mind – the methods below will give you your options – WITH the pro’s and con’s of each.


Methods to Pay LDS Tithing and Offering Online

Method 1 – Pay LDS Tithing Using Your Bill Pay Service

IF you use a billpay service, via Quicken or through your bank or any other, where you can have your bank send a check (electronically from your perspective even though your bank actually sends a check) then you CAN set this up to have your tithing and offering paid automatically for you.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Setup an automatic payment through your billpay service to your Ward – to be sent to your Bishop’s home
  2. You MUST note on the payment the allocation of the money – for example in the note field you need “Tithing=$100, FO=$50”, etc. Otherwise the Bishopric will have NO IDEA how your money is to be allocated and will have to call you and they won’t like you very much! 🙁  IMPORTANT: Make sure your billpay service has the ability to display a long enough message on the billpay check to explain the allocation.


  • You can setup your tithing and offerings to be automatically sent for you every month and you don’t have to manually write checks.
  • You WON’T forget to pay your tithing! (because it’s automatic).
  • Your tithing and offerings physically go through your Ward account so it all nicely shows up on your statement at the end of the year.


  • Your Bishopric (or counselor) will have to get the check at their home and bring it to Church (could get lost in their junk mail?).
  • Your Clerk (or Bishopric Counselor) will have to fill out your WHITE tithing form with your name and money allocation (they will get that from your check).
  • You WILL NOT get a yellow copy of your donation, unless your Clerk is diligent enough to track you down to give it to you. DOUBTFUL! The Clerk will shred that once they fill it out.

Method 2 – Pay LDS Tithing Electronically Through Your Bank that Supports the LDS Church in Bill Pay

LDS Tithing OnlineSome banks (Wells Fargo is the one example we know) actually has the LDS Church specified as a vendor in their Bill Pay system (broken down by “Tithing”, “Fast Off”, “Ward Missionary”, etc.). What that means is that instead of using Bill Pay to send a physical check to your Bishop, you can select the Church as a vendor to pay in Wells Fargo Bill Pay and it will send an electronic payment (no check) directly to the Church. We believe this will be the future of paying tithing and offerings online. This is the most efficient way to handle paying the Church. But that’s just our humble opinion (and we’re not the Church).

Here’s how to do it:





  • You can setup recurring, automatic, electronic payments directly to the Church
  • No need to EVER write a check and pay tithing and offerings the old fashioned way


  • Your bank may not have accounts for every category of offerings. For example, you may need to give to one of your local “Other” accounts, which would need to be paid by writing a check to the local unit the “old fashioned” way.
  • You can’t easily walk into the Clerk’s office and get a year-to-date tithing statement to see how much you’ve paid (but you may be able to get that in your online banking account).
  • Your online payments may not show in your local Unit MLS account or on your year-end statement (may get a separate statement from Church HQ for your online payments).
  • Your Bishop may not know how much tithes and offerings you pay (may be a “Pro”?) if it does not show in local MLS.

Method 3 – Pay LDS Church Headquarters DIRECTLY by Filling Out Electronic Form

This method has been in place for YEARS. It has typically been used for special circumstances where people are overseas, or have lots of money they would rather contribute directly to the Church, or a number of other reasons.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. With this method, you need to call Church Headquarters and get the electronic form to fill out and setup the method of payment. We do not know all the details about this method. Contact Church HQ for any further information. Contact information is at beginning of this post.
  2. Because we don’t know all the details we’re not sure of the “Pro’s and Con’s” of this method.



The reality is that the LDS Church is adopting technology in a BIG way when it comes to taking the gospel to the world. On the other hand, the Church is typically slower at adopting the latest technology for internal purposes like collecting money and processing offerings. That may be beginning to change. Keep your eye on this blog for any changes that we come across.


  1. Nice post! I too can confirm that using method 2, my tithing payment flowed through to my ward’s tithing records! So nice!

    I didn’t see in your method 2 instructions to include your membership record number in the memo. I would imagine that is required, but I don’t know that for sure. I did it on mine though.

    • I added that clarification – with Wellso Fargo (and I imagine others) you just use your membership number as the account number and it takes care of itself. Thanks!

  2. Sounds a bit sketchy. Especially since the only people you can give your tithing to is the bishopric.

    • I have called the church per the phone number above and got it set-up with my bill pay system and it works great and I love it!

  3. I have used method 2 for donations this year. Unless it has changed, the LOCAL contributions (Fast Offerings & Ward Missionary)do not come back to the ward if using that system. I still send in a physical tithing slip for those two categories. I believe I was also told by Salt Lake that the Bishop DOES get a copy of the electronic donations at year end for tithing settlement. (I have not had settlement on the new system, yet.) I like the system.

    • When setting up the on-line bill pay with the church you have the option to have your donations shown to the ward or not. I opted to have them shown. I also get a montly email statement from the church regarding my donations for the past month. It is great!

      • Out of curiosity…how did you get the option to show at the ward or not? Did you set the bill pay up by calling the church? I’m asking because I don’t see anything in the instructions on this through your bank’s bill pay.

  4. Why do people believe the fast offerings will not be credited to the local unit if they pay electronically? When you pay your tithing, fast offerings with cash or check, they get deposited each Sunday in an account which goes to Salt Lake/Zions Bank…nothing stays local. Church headquarters keeps track of what is paid in each unit and does according as policy dictates.

    • As a finance clerk in my local ward my experience has been that the fast offering donations paid to salt lake don’t get credited back to the local ward. Do you have real life experience with this Bill, or just theoritical experience? if you’ve actually seen this in practice there must be something you’re doing that I’m not, please do share.

  5. These 2 points above need to be corrected:

    * You can’t easily walk into the Clerk’s office and get a year-to-date tithing statement to see how much you’ve paid (but you may be able to get that in your online banking account).

    * Your online payments may not show in your local Unit MLS account or on your year-end statement (may get a separate statement from Church HQ for your online payments).

    I am a ward clerk and members using option 2 have asked me to verify their donations are available in local records (i.e. tithing settlement). They are passed through to unit level. I have timed it, transactions are recorded in the unit’s local MLS financial database by MRN within 8 hours of the bank transfer. Clerk’s can easily provide YTD summaries that include on-line donations by MRN.

  6. We have been using Bpay to pay tithing in Australia for about the last 6 or 7 years. It works very well and is easy to use. I have a feeling that the banking system in the US is not as uniform as it is here in Australia and there are probably more complexities involved in getting it to work there.

  7. thanks for the article.

    while in the philippines we used our american bank’s bill pay to send donations to our bishop back home. we simply use ‘t’ or ‘fo’ (etc.) abbreviations in the memo line with the amount for each for the ward clerk. yes, sometimes the check was in the wrong suit pocket, but eventually all the checks were cashed and credited. the year end statement was emailed to us. we had no problems in the 2.5 years we were away.

    as some have mentioned. in america all donations are deposited each week and the funds are sweep from the deposit account to salt lake. the local ward or branch issues checks for any needs. the needs can be reimbursements for activities or welfare help. there are no funds maintained in a local account. the ward/branch checks are drawn on a zions bank account.

    overseas (especially what we would call ‘3rd world’) the process can be quite different. in the philippines (in the rural areas) everything is cash. donations are deposited with a western union type business to be sent to manila. the ward/branch or stake/district leaders have a debit card to draw funds from a bank or atm for local needs.

    now for online donations.

    we called the phone number this morning. gave them a member record number and confirmed my email address. got the email with all the deposit information.

    had a couple of accounts with wells fargo so setting up bill pay was rather effortless. wells fargo keeps the same room number for each donation type, but donations staff said that was older instructions to wf. our usaa bank considers donations addresses as manual accounts. but donations staff said they still come in from usaa as electronic donations.

    we should get a email receipt each month for current donations and a year end tax receipt will be emailed.

    bishop/ward clerk will be able to see the donations. and attending tithing settlement will be as normal.

    should make it handy. have to pay each type of donation separately. it that is a hardship, pay normally to the bishopric.

    again thanks for article. accurate and timely. one of the donations staff was surprised we knew about them (not being one of the mega donors that preferred to deal directly).

    bro d

  8. I contacted after finding instructions for setting up EFT transfers on the website. [] The response I got from the donations department was less than helpful. I don’t want to do Bill Pay. My bank’s Bill Pay just cuts a physical check which then takes longer to clear than if I write my own check and hand it to the Bishopric. I want true electronic payments such as described in the instructions on the link above.

    Also, the document linked to above includes instructions for downloading your own tax statements, including from past wards. We’ve been in 3 different wards this year and it’s a huge pain to have to call all of the ward clerks to get our tax information. We are still waiting on some of them. I realize that our current ward clerk has the ability to get this information for us, but 99% of ward clerks don’t know how to do it and don’t want to be bothered with learning.

  9. I’m going to try this. I just sent an email to the email address given here. I am going to be going back & forth a lot between Utah & California a lot, & it will be challenging for me to regularly catch up with a member of the bishopric, and holding onto tithing envelopes for long periods and risking losing them is not a good option. I hope there is an option to just do the payment manually (online). I get paid weekly, and my earnings are different every week, so I’d need the ability to customize each individual payment every week, not have an automated payment (that would be good for folks who earn the same amount each paycheck, but wouldn’t work at all for me).

  10. I was looking at the very first post about online payments. And was surprised that it was back in December 2013. Yet I just recently heard about it 2 Sunday’s ago. How come so late in announcing this. I had always wondered with the church’s technology they hadn’t made this possible so we could pay online and avoid the “bishop rush” to get it paid. Or having to wait till the next meeting when we could have paid during the week. I love online bill pay.

  11. I can find all kinds of advice on how to pay tithing online but no place to do it. i got to several sites but can’t find anywhere to actually fill out anything and get it payed.

  12. I tried to pay my tithing online when we were in the Philippines but it wouldn’t allow me to. We are returning there again in June 2016. No problems doing it here in the USA. Can we pay our tithes outside the US?

  13. With all of the volunteers at the LDS wards, it is a shame and disgrace that someone can’t get this done in a simple manner. It is rather ridiculous to have to “jump through a number of hoops” to get this done. This reminds me of when I worked for the government! Ridiculous is not a good enough word for it.
    Shame on the LDS POWERS-THAT-BE for being so inefficient!

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