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Pay Your Tithing Online with BillPay! Free!

Pay Your Tithing Online with BillPay!

  • Direct Funds Transfer
  • Shows Up in Local Ward Account
  • Automatic Payments

Pay Tithing Online


– – – – – – – – BREAKING NEWS UPDATE- – – – – – – – 

We’ve validated that if you pay tithing or offerings through your bank (Wells Fargo in our case), and the bank has the Church setup as a vendor to pay, THEN those offerings will now flow to your local unit MLS system and show up on your tithing statement! 

Here is our payment online with Wells Fargo: and the Chruch’s local unit statement where it showed up the following Sunday after downloading from SLC.

Here we paid tithing online via Wells Fargo “BillPay” (a free service with mosts banks). They have categories for each offering title (tithing, fast offerings, Ward Missionary, etc.).

LDS Tithing Online

And here is the local statement where the payment came through from SLC down to our local MLS system. We paid this during the week, then checked the following Sunday and it was already there in the local unit. Way to go SLC!

Pay LDS Tithing Online


SO – this means that the Church FINALLY has it setup so you can pay the Church directly through your bank, have those payments download automatically to your local unit MLS, AND you can even set it up in your bank system to automatically pay every month (or whatever you want) so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. AMAZING!!!

– – – – – – – – – End of Breaking News – – – – – – – – –

The days are finally here when you can easily pay your Tithing online (and Fast Offerings or any other category) to the Church with Online BillPay for some banks. Wells Fargo is one example. They have banks in Utah, and so they have the LDS Church as a “Payee” all setup for whatever category you want to give to. The ability to pay the Church online has been around for years, but today it actually doesn’t take any “setup” to do it, AND it actually shows in your regular local tithing or Fast Offerings account instead of a special statement you would get from Church Headquarters without reflection in your local Ward account.

Check your bank to see if the Church is setup as a BillPay Payee and you can do things like setup automatic payment every month so you don’t have to remind yourself to pay Tithing or FO.

Here’s an example of what it looks like at Wells Fargo when you type in LDS in the Payee Search:




Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About this Post

You have a few options.

First – IF your bank has the Church as a “payee”, just follow the instructions above.

Second – IF your bank does NOT have the Church as a payee, you other options are to send a check directly to the Church in Salt Lake City (with your Membership Number as the Account # or Memo). You’ll need to call LDS Donations (or email) at headquarters to find out the exact details since they change them. You can do so at the following: 801-240-2554 or email

Third – If you use billpay with your bank, or Quicken or other financial service, you can set your Tithing/Fast Offering up as an automatic check that is written. You CAN send it to your Bishop, although that’s not recommended since he’ll have to remember to lug it with him to Church and not lose it (especially since it’s not in a tithing envelope). The better bet is have it mailed to you, and you just take it to the Bishop at Church. At least it’s automated and you don’t have to remember to do it every month. You can make the memo say “Tithing: $500 / FO: $50” or something like that so they know how to split it up. Or you can fill out a tithing slip and just put it in that envelope at Church.


  1. “it actually shows in your regular local tithing or Fast Offerings account instead of a special statement you would get from Church Headquarters”

    I’m not sure I follow that. I logged into my wells fargo account and did a payee lookup and did indeed find the church and the various categories (albeit they don’t reflect the categories on the new tithing slips) but if I choose one of those categories as a payee and the money is sent electronically, how will that reflect on my local tithing account?

    If the money isn’t physically handed to a member of the bishopric so that it gets entered via MLS, how would my automatic payment from wells fargo show up in my records?

    My ward/branch/stake isn’t mentioned on the payee info so CHQ doesn’t have a way to associate me with the right ward.

    • Being associate with a ward means nothing unless you are worried about the bishop questioning your full tithe paying status? If you are paying the tithing to the church, you are paying the tithing to the church. You still receive a statement from the church showing how much you paid.

    • When you enter your member number as your account number the church submits it and credits it to the ward you live in. You member number is the way the church credits it to your local ward.

    • See the update at the top of the post. Donations now flow from your bank’s billpay (if they are setup like Wells Fargo) automatically back to your local MLS. So no need to bother the Bishop or clerk or anyone else. You can now do it all online automatically.

  2. Is this true? How would this show record in your local unit? It is possible to pay tithing directly to the Church, but it does not show up locally and the statement comes from the Church. Do you have any other data to back up this report?

    Thank you!

  3. I just used this. However, the only address to send it to was Church Headquarters. I sent it there using my membership number. Hopefully that will work. Thanks Ryan

  4. helpful! Do you know what number I use for my “account number” when setting up bill pay? Is it just my membership number?

    • Your membership number is associated with your ward.

  5. hi,

    i was just wondering, im trying to set up BPay with my bank account here in Australia, is it possible here in Australia, or is this only available in the US???


  6. Sadly my credit union doesn’t have the church listed.

  7. how do you find out what your LDS-Tithing account number is?

    • Your account number is your personal membership number for yourself or for your head of household. If you look in LDS Tools, in your ward directory where your name and information are listed, go to your name and click on the light gray arrow on the right hand side of the name. Then, where it says MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION, it has a line that says SHOW MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION. Click on that line and it will display your membership number.

      • Thank you for being a missionary

  8. So when i set this up what is my Titing account number is it my membership record?

    • Also what Zip Code do I use?

  9. I am a ward clerk in California. Our Bishop gets these auto pay checks from the bank. We just turn them back to the member and tell them to submit it with a tithing slip. We get audited and the slip is the only deposit record as the check is deposited. I am not going to take responsibility for filling out a members tithing slip. So until the Church sets up a real online bill pay, having your bank send the bishop a check is a waste of time to me.

    • Good point! What many members do is have their band send an automatic check the THEIR HOME (as their reminder to pay). Then the member takes the check to Church and fills out the tithing slip.
      So sort of pseudo-electronic tithing payment. 🙂

      • Not wanting to put an additional burden on the Bishop, I think sending it to myself would be the best option. It may seem silly and “why don’t you just write a check?” comes to mind, but this way, the money comes directly out of my account (no waiting for a check to clear) and I don’t have to try to get to the bank to get the cash. Anyway, I think I’ll try it this way…silly or no. 🙂

    • Your comment, Frank, is quite insensitive (“waste of time”). Is anything that we do to serve the Lord, or others, a waste of time? Is it truly that burdensome to fill out a tithing slip? One would think that it is not that great of a burden to fill it out (I have done it many times) and you are facilitating someone paying their tithing. I realize that being a ward clerk has its challenges, and requirements, but try not to be so combative (giving them BACK) and you may actually receive more.

  10. I’m going to agree with the others who have advised AGAINST sending automated checks to the Bishop. It may be more convenient for you but it causes extra hassle for the Bishop and those who have to process tithing (since we have to fill out a tithing slip for you).

  11. Please contact the LDS Donations Department for the most up to date and complete information about bill pay. or 801-240-2554.

  12. Thank you Tawnie! I just talked to the nice lady at LDS Donations Department (801-240-2554) and I am getting set up. Paying my tithing was the only reason I was going to have to get new checks which would have lasted me for years!!!! Now I don’t have to order new checks! Yahoo! Hooray! I recommend this process!

  13. I just tried sending my tithing to Church headquarters from my Wells Fargo checking in Utah. I used my membership number ( easily located on my temple rec) and selected “LDS Church” as the payee. A couple of weeks later, I checked with my ward clerk. My donation was showing up on our Ward records, correctly, as a tithing donation dated the day I sent the electronic payment. This is slick! I don’t have to write a check and the Bishop doesn’t have to lug my check to Church. I am sold!

    • Thanks Melissa for letting us know you validated that it works!

  14. Hi Everyone! I just talked to someone at the Donations Department for the church.(801-240-2554) She informed me that the BEST and RECOMMENDED thing to do is to call them to setup the payment. She informed me that each bank has a different process and she would love to help anyone set it up. So, PLEASE do that before anything else!

  15. Want to pay tithing online

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