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Task Masters that WORK

Task Masters that WORK

If only Moses had Task Masters that were this good!

All of you members and LDS Church Leaders that have SOO MUCH to do that you can’t keep track of it all, this is for you. There are thousands of “ToDo” applications out there to help you keep track of your ToDo items. And many of them work, since most people just keep a list of things to do categorized by “role” or “priority” or something like that.

We’ll we’ve tried tons of them, and a few stick out as the best.

Trello for LDS

1st – Trello

The beauty of Trello is how simple it is. It mimics a board with a bunch of 3×5 cards on it to manage your todo items, but it’s a whole lot more. Trello is #1 on our list because of the simplicity and flexibility to use it to meet what you need. That’s because you can create a board for whatever you want, and track whatever items you want on each board.

Best of all you can share it with others, and manage other’s tasks as well (and have them manage their own tasks on the shared board). We see Stake Presidencies, Bishoprics and High Councils using Trello for managing assignments frequently now because of the flexibility it has to customize it how you want.

LDS App Remember the Milk2nd – Remember the Milk (yes, that’s the name of the app)

Remember the Milk is an app that you can access through a browser (for the main app), but also install on your phone and tablet and keep track of everything you have to do across ALL devices (automatically synched). It’s web-based so you don’t have to store anything locally.

The reason Remember the Milk is top of the list is NOT because it’s got the best User Interface (for the browser app at least). As a matter of fact that browser app leaves a little to be desired from a visual perspective.

The reason it’s at the top of the list is because it’s so flexible and there is so much you can do with it. I won’t try to explain it all here, but I’ll point you to it and you can try it out (free version).

For you “Getting Things Done” methodology people, you may think that Remember the Milk is not GTD friendly. It may not have the obvious labels and contexts when you look at it, but trust me, you can get all the GTD goodies in it because of its flexibility.


Things3rd – Things

Things, by Cultured Code is also a good taks manager. It does NOT have a browser interface, but it’s a downloadable desktop application that syncs to the cloud, and also syncs to your phone and tablet Things apps so you’re all setup on all devices.

Things is a pure GTD methodology app that gives you all the goodies around Contexts, Roles, etc. You can make it all work here.

The reason it’s 2nd is that it’s pretty straight forward and does not have a lot of flexibility for creating “Smart Lists” and things like Remember the Milk allows you to do.

The best thing about these Task Masters? Well, they give you a GREAT structure to keep track of EVERYTHING you have to do as a “Church Member/Leader”, a “Father”, a “Husband’s Honey-Do List”, and any other role you have in your life. Keep them all separated, but also together in one place.

In today’s world there are a zillion things to do and if you don’t have a good Task Master you’ll never get many of them done!

Good Luck!

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