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Teaching and Entertaining the Kids

Teaching and Entertaining the Kids

So your little kids have an iPod touch? Or maybe they like to use your Android phone or iPhone, or iPad? Well the good news is there are a lot of good apps that get them to have fun while learning about the gospel.

Here are some examples:

LDS Coloring Book lets your kids color scripture pictures on your iOS device. They can even join the coloring book club and get new coloring books.




 LDS Coloring Pages is another picture coloring app for kids to keep them occupied while reminding them of scripture stories.




LDS Sing Along App teaches your kids the songs in the Children’s Songbook by having them sing along with the LDS Children songs. There is a free version and a charge version of this app.




 LDS Puzzle Tile App for iOS keeps kids entertained by putting together puzzle tiles that are mixed up until they put them all back in the right place to make the picture.




 LDS Puzzles App – Another puzzles app for kids.




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