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The Amazon Fire!? $199.00

The Amazon Fire!?

  • Android OS
  • Availability of Apps
  • Amazon FAST

So what’s all the hype about the Amazon Fire? Well here’s the scoop.

The Amazon Fire is another tablet that does the same kinds of things as the iPad and Android tablets. Only it has $199 price tag which is less than 1/2 of iPad price!

The Fire utilizes some cool new technology that Amazon is really good at, like their “Silk” server-based processing that makes it so less has to happen on the tablet and more happens on the Amazon servers. So there’s less overhead on the tablet processor, so it’s faster.

The Fire is compatible with Android apps, which means you can buy many of the tons of Android apps from the Amazon store and they will work on the Fire (those tested by Amazon and put on the Amazon store).

The Fire does books better than iPad or Android (that’s what Kindle did best!). It also does music (not as good as iPad), Apps, Movies, Magazines and all the other goodies!

The Fire stores your data in the Amazon Cloud instead of making you store it all on your tablet. Same idea as Apple’s iCloud and Google’s Cloud service. Only Amazon has been doing it for years (for others).

The part we’ll have to “wait and see” on is whether all the Android apps run well on the Fire. Since it’s a different flavor of the Android OS, there may be issues.

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