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The LDS Tools App Free!

The LDS Tools App

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New LDS Tools App for iPhone/iPad

The Church has released LDS Tools, which is a FREE app that accesses the Stake’s information from, pulling it down into the app for you (and keeps it up-to-date). Similar to the MyLDS Stake app, it has a directory, callings, events/calendar and custom lists.


  1. It would be nice if there was a tutorial on how to down load it on the ipod. I have been trying for several hrs. Don’t worry I will win.

  2. Is this only for ward bishoprics? The 2nd Counselor showed it to me and I installed it and tried logging in, but it authenticate.

  3. This is for any member that has setup an account. You just give it the same login and password as your account and it sync’s up. Should work for every member.

  4. I have an LG Quantum, with windows 7, and I cant find anywhere to download the lds tools and gospel library that will work – any ideas?

  5. Here is the formal link to download LDS Tools for mobile devices. It looks like there is no formal download for Windows Mobile yet, but it’s in the works.
    Download page:

    You can also track progress of the development releases here:

  6. This is an ESSENTIAL app for anyone in Church leadership. I am in the SYM Presidency, and I don’t know how I would do my calling without this app!

    Need to visit a member of another ward. Just pull them up and click on their address. voila!

    I especially love the custom list feature so I can send out emails to the lists that I have made.

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