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Using Trello for Your Church Callings FREE!

Using Trello for Your Church Callings

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Trello for LDSTrello is a project management type of application. It’s FREE, and it can be of great use in your business, Church or personal life. Here we show a couple of ways to use it so you can get a visual of how you might use it in your responsibilities.

Trello consists of “Boards”, “Lists” and “Cards”.  A Board is like a board on the wall that will help you keep track of things that need to be done. A board is typically used as a “Role” or specific world of responsibilities you have. For example, here we show you a Board called “Stake Presidency” where the Stake Presidency keeps track of all their stuff to do.

On that board you can create multiple Lists. These lists could be “Things to Accomplish”, “Things to Record or Document”, or “Meetings” or really any grouping of stuff you need to track. So the lists are the containers of “like-things-to-do” to manage them.

Then in each List you have “Cards” that are actual things to be accomplished or tracked. Within each card you can make assignments to any other people in Trello, create a checklist, or many other things within the Card itself.

Once anything is accomplished you can mark it complete or move it to another list (maybe an archive or completed list).

Here’s a visual of a Trello Board


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And here’s an example of a Card and the detail you can keep track on them.

LDS Trello Card


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