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Ward Tools Retired

Ward Tools

  • Membership Data
  • No Cloud Sync


Ward Tools WAS a Free app for iPhone, Windows Mobile and Palm devices which imports the exported MLS files from the Ward or Stake computer. Because of this, it has more information about members than LDS Tools, iStake or MyLDS Stake apps. This includes Temple Recommend status and other things. The main drawback is that you must re-export/import the MLS file to get updates.

The LDS Church asked Ward Tools creators to discontinue it’s use (obviously for data security reasons since this is a recent theme for the Chruch). Their website now displays the following message.

SCORE: 8 out of 10!

RECOMMENDED: Even though it’s more tedious to have to manually convert MLS data and load it onto your device frequently, we still recommend this app for leaders because of the additional membership data it gives that the others don’t. IF YOU HAVE THIS APP DON’T LOSE IT. IT STILL WORKS. YOU JUST CAN’T GET IT ANYMORE.

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  1. greatest things since sliced cheese

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