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What About Kindle?

What About Kindle?

What About the Amazon Kindle?

The question has been asked, what about the Amazon Kindle? Is that a tool we can use, and what for?

First – YES, the Amazon Kindle is a great tool you can use. It is not highlighted on because it is in a different class of tools from the others here. Nonetheless, a great tool for Mormons. Here are the highlights of the Kindle.

1) The Amazon Kindle is a “Book Reader“. It is not an interactive device that allows you to create content and interact like the other devices on

2) It is a BETTER reading experience than any other device reviewed here. The reason is that the screen is not a color computer-type of screen. It is a specialized screen meant to feel/look like you’re reading a book. Which it does! So it is better on the eyes and you can spend more time reading without eye strain. The difference is that these other devices aren’t meant to just sit and read for hours. They are more of study and interactive tools.

3) Kindle books for Mormons are CHEAP! You can get books like Jesus the Christ for .99 cents. The LDS standard works for $5.00, etc. etc. etc. Plenty of books to find on for Mormons.

4) You CAN do some custom content on the Kindle. You do this by emailing documents to your kindle email address and then have access to them on the Kindle.

5) If you have an Amazon account, and buy Kindle books you can access them on your iPad, iPhone, Android or any other device that has the Amazon Kindle App. It’s actually pretty cool, it’s like having a Kindle built into your other device, only not the Kindle screen. At least it’s nice to have access to all your Kindle books from any device!

6) Last but NOT least – the Kindle is ONLY $135, compared with the iPad at $500 minimum. Although it’s not apples-to-apples comparison since it’s just a book reader, while the iPad is really a computer that does tons more.

So in summary – the Kindle is a great device for reading books. But if you want interactive marking of scriptures, building links between verses and other texts, creating your own content, running all the other LDS applications, consider one of the other devices on


  1. Thanks.
    I am looking into a Kindle or an i Pad, I found this review very helpful.
    Would like to know if the church plans on ever having the ensign or other church mags available on kindle?

    • If you get the plain gospel library, you can get all of the material for free. You just have to update it every month.

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